Fall 1998 Workshops

Aug. 20: How To Meet, Think & Work To Consensus
Sept 1: Netscape Power Skills
Sept 2: Internet Explorer Power Skills
Sept 15: Basic HTML
Sept 16: Advanced HTML
Sept 23: Using PERL, HTML & JavaScript to Create Forms and Other Interactive Web Pages
Sept 29: Creating Community by Celebrating Diversity
Oct. 2: NT4 Networking
Oct. 13: Government Information on the Web
Oct. 15: Spinning a Child-Safe Web
Oct. 31: The Complete Trustee
Nov. 4: Creative Conflict Management
Nov. 9: Searching The Web
Nov. 10: Searching The Web
Nov. 12: Key Connections: Making School - Library Partnerships Work
Nov. 16: Powerful Presentation Skills
Nov. 18: Windows NT4.0 for the End User

Dec. 1: Power Point Skills
Dec. 2: Personnel Law Update
Dec. 7: Training for Technological Competency


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