Technical Services Committee
 Meetings and Agendas
 Purpose: The purpose of the Technical Services Committee is to provide a formal structure through which CAMLS area technical services specialists can act to enhance the quality of technical services in the CAMLS area by:
  • gathering, organizing and sharing information pertaining to technical services members;
  • increasing the awareness of the role of technical services in the overall library operation;
  • developing a forum where issues of technical services policy, cooperation and standards can be addressed;
  • providing continuing education opportunities.
Approved by the CAMLS Board of Trustees May 9, 1983.
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2001-2022 meetings and programs - open to all staff from CAMLS member libraries
Meeting times: 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Date : Tuesday, October 2, 2001
Topic : Managing Standing Orders
Speaker(s):  Table Talk Discussion
Location : Cleveland Public Library - Lakeshore Facility
Description : Lynn Johngrass, head of CPL's Acquisitions Department, and her staff will lead a discussion on Standing Orders. A Tour of the Acquisitions Department will follow.
Date : Tuesday, April 9, 2022
Topic : Online Ordering
Speaker(s): BWI Sales Representative
Location : Euclid Public Library
Description: Demonstration of BWI website.

2001-2022 Committee Officers
Chair: Dale Greenbaum, Euclid Public Library
Secretary: Jill Williams, Geauga County Public Library
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