Interlibrary Loan Policy


Interlibrary loans are transactions in which certain library materials at one library may be made availabile to another library's borrower. For the purpose of this policy, transactions may include the provision of a copy of an article from a magazine or pages from a book as a substitute for a loan of the original material.



  1. Member libraries will agree to borrow and lend among CAMLS members whenever possible:
    a. Place CAMLS libraries first among potential lenders.
    b. Give CAMLS library requests first priority.
  2. Member libraries agree that current, popular material is often in demand and may not be obtainable via interlibrary loan.
  3. Member libraries may request reference materials with the understanding that these materials may not be lent if such a loan would hinder the service of the lending library.
  4. Member libraries will consider purchasing inexpensive materials in lieu of interlibrary loan.
  5. Member libraries may not ordinarily loan bulky or fragile materials, rare materials, or materials for class or reserve use.
  6. Member libraries will agree that all transactions must be in accordance with current copyright regulations.
  7. Member libraries will agree that the lending library has the privilege of deciding whether a particular item should or should not be provided, and whether the original or a copy should be sent. These decisions may be determined by the nature of the material, its physical condition, or the degree of active demand for the material requested.

Responsibility of Requesting Libraries


  1. Requesting libraries will screen carefully all applications for loans to avoid unreasonable requests. Unreasonable requests may include a high number of items requested at one time, requests for high demand newly-published titles or expectations of unrealistic quick delivery.
  2. Requesting libraries will honor any limitations on use of materials which might be imposed by the lending library.
  3. Requesting libraries have the responsibility for returning loans promptly and in good condition. The requesting library will meet the costs of repair or replacement of damaged or lost materials in accordance with this policy.
  4. Requesting libraries have the responsibility of defining deadlines on "RUSH" requests. A "RUSH" request which is received without a specific deadline stated on the form will be handled as quickly as the lending library can handle it without disrupting normal workflow.

Responsibility of Lending Libraries


  1. Lending libraries will practice as liberal and unrestrictive a policy as is possible for interlibrary loans, with due consideration to the interests of their primary clientele.
  2. Lending libraries have the responsibility of informing requesting libraries of any violation of interlibrary loan policy.
  3. Lending libraries have the responsibility of informing requesting libraries of the specific reason materials are not being loaned, if asked.
  4. Rare books or irreplaceable material of scholarly or high monetary value will not be loaned.

Form of Request


  1. Materials requested will be described as completely and accurately as possible following bibliographic practices currently in practice for CAMLS libraries.
  2. All items requested will be verified using standard bibliographic tools.
  3. If verification is disregarded, or the bibliographic data incorrect, the lending library may return the request unfilled without special effort to identify the item requested.

Duration of Loan


  1. The duration of the loan will be determined by the lending library.
  2. Unless otherwise specified by the lending library, the duration of the loan will be calculated from the time the requesting library receives the item.
  3. Upon request, the period of loan may be extended by the lending library.

Notification and Acknowledgement


  1. In accordance with the CAMLS Interlibrary Loan Procedures, the lending library will notify the requesting library if the material cannot be supplied.
  2. If there is undue delay in the receipt of a shipment, the requesting library will notify the lending library that the material has not been received.

Lost Material


CAMLS requesting libraries will agree to reimburse lending libraries for lost interlibrary loans. However, CAMLS members will not charge processing fees to one another.

  1. In-Print Materials
    a. List price as found in current edition of Books in Print will be used.
    b. The requesting library will pay this amount immediately to the lending library, not waiting to collect from the patron.
  2. Out-of-Print Materials
    a. The requesting library will consult the lending library, which will set a price for the lost material. This should be done within one week, or as soon as possible after the material is reported lost.
    b. A bill will be sent by the lending library to the requesting library.
    c. The requesting library will pay this amount immediately to the lending library, not waiting to collect from the patron.

Violation of Policy


  1. Continued disregard of the provisions of this policy may cause undue burdens on member libraries. Violations will be brought to the attention of the Director of the offending library by the CAMLS Executive Director and should be sufficient reason for suspension of borrowing privileges.


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