Interlibrary Reference Service

Interlibrary Reference Service is the free exchange of information, resources and staff expertiseamong CAMLS libraries to support user needs for information. It is an agreement adopted byCAMLS libraries to enhance information and reference service to all CAMLS area residentsand member libraries by using the combined collection strengths and professional experience oftheir staffs. A librarian in one CAMLS library who cannot answer a specific referencequestion from their collection has the option of calling a colleague in another CAMLS librarywho may have the resources needed to answer the particular question.

To promote this service, CAMLS provides Open Houses on a regular basis. Each Open Houseincludes a group of CAMLS libraries in a geographic area who open their libraries to memberlibrarians to meet staff and review available resources. An IRS task force also providestraining sessions at individual libraries.

Scope: This is a voluntary agreement adopted by CAMLS libraries to provide the bestinformation and reference service to all our area residents and member libraries by utilizingour combined collection strengths and professional expertise.
Responsibilities of the inquiring library:
Responsibilities of the responding library:


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