Technology: What’s HOT, What’s NOT

Date & Time
Wednesday, April 23
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Registration starts at 12:45 p.m.

Cuyahoga County Public Library
Administration building
2111 Snow Road
Parma, Ohio
$35.00 CAMLS libraries
$50.00 Non-library staff from member's organizations
$70.00 Non-members
Fee includes coffee and materials
Deadline: April 16
Limit: 75

Last spring, library automation expert Rob McGee shared his knowledge and insights about new technology coming down the pike, and what it means for libraries, at a CAMLS Critical Issues session. The session was so well-received that CAMLS has invited Rob back for another report on the rapidly changing technological marketplace. Suitable for all types and sizes of libraries, this program is intended to provide technical and financial information, and an understanding of the broad spectrum of new products and services available . In the first portion of the program, Rob will share the vast insights that he collects daily as an international electronic technology consultant. In the second half, you will get a chance to discuss with Rob and the group any questions, topics or issues surrounding technology. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most eminent leaders in the field.

Rob McGee A 1990 Library Journal article identified Rob McGee among the top 101 library leaders. Rob has worked as a professional in the field of library automation since 1967, and holds graduate degrees in both library and computing science. In his work on three successive leading-edge library automation research and development projects from 1967 through 1982 at the University of Chicago Library, he produced proposals, systems requirements and designs, technical plans and library automation planning processes that continually advanced the state-of the-art of library automation. In 1980 Rob founded RMG Consultants, Inc., a firm that has assisted libraries plan, procure and implement automated library systems and services. In 1991 Rob founded RMG/CAVAL with CAVAL Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia to share his expertise and methodologies with libraries throughout Australasia.
Intended Audience
Those responsible for selecting and purchasing technology related products for their library, or those who would like to increase their knowledge of current and future technology, and the issues that surround it.