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John Carroll University

Call To Order:
The meeting was called to order at 9:40 a.m. by President Mary Crehore. In attendance: Joan Clark, Mary Crehore, Gorman Duffett, Vickie Hartzell, Edrice Ivory, David Jennings, Marti Miller, Leslie Polott, Cristine Rom, Ellen Stepanian, and Karen Tschudy; CAMLS Staff: Mike Snyder, Terri Pasadyn, Mary Ellen Powers, and Beth Listerman. Absent: Cynthia Glunt Bailie and Lisa Stevens.
Minutes of Meeting on
Minutes of Meeting July 12, 2000

Ellen Stepanian MOVED and Leslie Polott SECONDED a motion TO APPROVE THE MINUTES OF THE CAMLS BOARD OF TRUSTEES' MEETING ON JULY 12, 2000. Ayes: Crehore, Hartzell, Jennings, Miller, Polott, Rom, Stepanian, and Tschudy. Nays: none. Abstentions: None.

Oaths of Office for Board of Trustees, Clerk-Treasurer and Deputy Clerk

For those who were absent at the July Board meeting, Mary Crehore administered the Oaths of Office for the Board of Trustees and the Clerk-Treasurer.

Joan Clark arrived at 9:45 a.m.

June and July Financial Reports

Mary Ellen Powers explained the financial reports in more detail for the benefit of the new Board members. She invited anyone who might have questions to call her at any time. Cash on hand as of June 30, 2000, was $543,232. The official report for the auditors will be distributed to the Board in September.

Cash on hand as of July 31, 2000, was $719,519. Mary Ellen reminded the Board that the fund transfer of $22,842 to be used for Electronic Classroom upgrades reflected in the July report had been approved at the July Board meeting. July is always a quiet month since no checks can be cut until the year is closed out. Vickie Hartzell MOVED and Cristine Rom SECONDED a motion TO APPROVE THE JUNE AND JULY FINANCIAL REPORTS. Ayes: Clark, Crehore, Hartzell, Jennings, Miller, Polott, Rom, Stepanian, and Tschudy. Nays: none. Abstentions: None.

Bank Balances as of June 30, 2000

According to the Ohio Revised Code, bank balances for each account must be reported to the Board at year end. Mary Ellen Powers reported bank balances as of June 30, 2000, as follows: In Account 2637777 (checking account), the balance is $24,545.59; in Account 2637785 (investment checking account), the balance is $508,371.67; in Account 2637806 (super interest bearing account), the balance is $10,315.20; and in Account 2637830 (payroll clearing account), the balance is 0, for a total bank balance of $543,232.46. Bank reports are available for review by any Board member.

Unrestricted Reserve Report

Mary Ellen Powers reported that the unrestricted Reserve (Non-Project) Fund balance as of June 30, 2000, was $410,712, which is an increase of $49,341 from a year ago. The growth of the Reserve Fund is primarily due to interest income ($33,639) and revenue from Continuing Education ($11,721). Mary Ellen explained that the growth is slowing down because CAMLS has made an effort to keep the registration fees for CE programs low for members as well as giving a 10% credit to those libraries that prepay for CE. The projected increase in the Reserve Fund for the next Fiscal Year is $24,000.

Mike Snyder gave some background as to how the Reserve Fund came into being. When CAMLS was dependent on LSTA funding, the Board felt it important to set up a "rainy day" fund and to add to it each year. The interest earned has helped to make this Fund grow. Mary Ellen feels that the Finance Committee should recommend a plan for this Fund. She has investigated other non-profit organizations about ways to protect such a fund. Should the name be changed? Should a foundation be created? Are there legal questions? The Board felt that the Finance Committee's top priority should be to look into this at its next meeting and to have legal advice present.

Edrice Ivory arrived at 10:20 a.m.

Committee Reports

A Finance Committee meeting will be scheduled in September with the Reserve Fund as the main agenda item.

Edrice Ivory, Chair of the Personnel Committee, reported that she has met with Mary Crehore to better understand CAMLS personnel issues. A meeting of the Personnel Committee was scheduled for Monday, September 18, at 10 o'clock at Shaker Heights Public Library. Edrice mentioned that Mary Ellen Powers has made a recommendation to raise Rosemary Nugent's salary. Edrice Ivory MOVED and Cristine Rom SECONDED a motion TO RAISE THE SALARY OF ROSEMARY NUGENT FROM $9.47 - $10.28, RETROACTIVE TO JULY 1, 2000 THROUGH NOVEMBER, 2000. Ayes: Clark, Crehore, Hartzell, Ivory, Jennings, Miller, Polott, Rom, Stepanian, and Tschudy. Nays: none. Abstentions: None.

Mike Snyder reported that the Planning Committee will meet in September with two objectives, (1) to review and revise the Strategic Plan, effective July 1, 2001, and (2) to discuss possible LSTA projects. All CAMLS members will be invited to present ideas. A digitization project may be a possibility for LSTA funding.

The Bylaws Committee will meet in October to make a recommendation as to the vacant non-voting Associate library representation on the Board. A recommendation will be made to the Board at its November 29 meeting. Notification will be given to the Advisory Council 30 days prior to its January meeting, and after review by the Advisory Council, the Board will approve the revision to the Bylaws.

Continuing Education Director's Report

The web site change from OHIONET to a new vendor delayed the posting of the Fall Continuing Education programs. The entire catalog is presently available as a PDF file. Meanwhile, Terri distributed a schedule of the workshops and the registration form.

With $22,000 earmarked for upgrading the Electronic Classroom, CAMLS has purchased a main Citrix server, which has been installed, and the Microsoft Office 2000 Suite, which will be installed in time for the Fall programs.

Terri has been preparing for Library Leadership Ohio that will be held September 10-15, 2000.

Gorman Duffet arrived at 10:35 a.m.

A meeting of the Management Training Series Task Force will be held on August 30. Task Force members were given a charge to write descriptions for the series as they see it and how it can attract people. At this meeting, the curriculum will be fine tuned for two tracks. The issues track will be for the more experienced managers and will be a residential, one-week, event. The skills track will be for less experienced managers and will be held in the Fall of 2001, two days/month. Elaine will do a special flyer for this unique initiative. Edrice Ivory, who is on the Task Force, mentioned that the Planning Committee was very enthusiastic about the Series and everyone has bought into it. It will be attractive to all kinds of libraries.

Executive Director's Report

The Board discussed whether CAMLS should continue to pay for a partial scholarship to send a CAMLS member librarian to CSU's Leadership Academy of the Levin College. Joan Clark, a past recipient of this scholarship, commented what a wonderful program it was and that it was an opportunity to talk about libraries to others in the community. The Board felt it was important to network outside of libraries and CAMLS should continue to provide scholarship funds, even if it is necessary to take the money from the Reserve Fund.

Four CAMLS libraries will be receiving a discount of $1,599 per set for the International Encyclopedia of Social & Behavioral Sciences as part of a state wide discount effort. This represents a tremendous saving.

Allan Gray, Ben Rule, and Brad Stephens have put together a Microsoft discount program which will give participating public libraries a 50-60% discount, the same as what schools are getting. Eighteen CAMLS libraries are participating. Mike will be bringing to the Board a proclamation for the good work done by Alan, Ben, and Brad.

The seven Regional Library Systems are working on four collaborative projects:

(1) A Technology Institute. This will be patterned on the Library Leadership Ohio Institute, and will be a week-long, intensive training and mentoring experience for technology experts in Ohio. The RLS have earmarked $15,000 for the Institute.
(2) Proficiency Initiative. This would be a follow-up program to the FY99/00 efforts. Mike has met with the 2 consultants, Jean Sylak and Gretchen Hamann, and they will put together a proposal for a 4th grade reading initiative, a collaborative effort with schools, parents, and libraries. Literacy coaches, reading specialists, teachers will be encouraged to participate. The Regionals will spend $5,000 of state aid to develop this program.
(3) CE Mall. Ben Rule and Brad Stephens are developing a CE Mall, a virtual mall that will be a web-based, comprehensive suite of applications to promote, administer, and report CE activities in Ohio. The State Library has expressed interest in hosting the site. $5,000 is earmarked for this project.
(4) Marketing Brochure. CAMLS will be developing a Regional Library Systems marketing brochure, which helps to explain to legislators the goals and accomplishments of the Regional Library Systems. The RLS will spend $2,500 to develop and print this brochure.

The online Vendor Discount Directory has a new password. Gortz & Associates has been added as a new vendor, and CAMLS is working with Sauder Company and Kinko's as potential new vendors. Mike explained that each Regional pays CAMLS $300 for being the administrator for the Regional Library Systems' Vendor Discount Directory.

Mike met with the Digitizers' Interest Group on August 4 and discussed a variety of topics relative to the "digital revolution." Communication and networking is needed so that each library knows what the other is doing to avoid duplication. The group discussed the possibility of a collaborative digital project as a CAMLS LSTA project. This would be a good multitype library project and the State Library is interested. Edrice mentioned that Shaker Heights Public Library is working with Worthington Public Library and the project will be a model for other libraries and museums in the State.

Several libraries have not yet paid their membership assessment dues, which is due August 31, at which time a 5% finance charge will be assessed. If dues are not paid by September 30, a further finance charge of 10% will be assessed.


CCPL will have two bond levies on the ballot in November for a new library in Strongsville and North Olmsted.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 a.m.

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