Disabilities Clip Art
In response to an overwhelming need for clipart that depicts people with disabilities in everyday situations, Anne Prusha worked with Bob Kelemen and his illustration students at the Cleveland Institute of Art to create 14 images. The collection of images depicts a wide range of ages and various disabilities. Two of the images are shown here.

This artwork may be reproduced free of charge by nonprofits. All others are required to obtain permission of the program instructor and illustrator.

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Download the file below (3.2 MB) to acquire all 14 TIF images for your use.

Download Images

These images represent a lot of hard work on the part of Bob Keleman and his students. If you do use the images, please drop Bob a note of thanks for his time and dedication to this project. Many thanks also to Anne Prusha of Geauga County Public Library for seeing this project to fruition.

Bob Keleman
The Cleveland Institute of Art
11141 East Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Artists: Bill Nainiger, Marisa Merkl, Danielle Sovchan, Bruce Jamieson