Training for Technological Competency

 Advancing technologies have redefined how many of us perform our work and have set a pace that will require constant re-learning and adaptability. Not-so-distant future patrons may be located anywhere, and have information needs at any time, day or night. To help these patrons, librarians will need new interpersonal, communication, searching and evaluation skills, along with different methods of instruction. How will your library respond, not only to customer needs, but in a way that effectively leads staff through the change? This program will give participants the opportunity to examine these issues and become aware of specific technical, programming and software skills that new librarians need to have upon graduation from library school, and that those of us working need to acquire soon in order to remain effective in the broader information infrastructure.
Date & Time
Monday, December 7
9:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Cuyahoga County Public Library
Administration Building

2111 Snow Road
Parma, Ohio
 Intended Audience: Library administrators, reference librarians, technology specialists, trainers, BI instructors
$60 CAMLS members
$80 Non-library staff from member organizations
$100 Non-members
Fee includes materials and coffee
Deadline: October 7
Limit: 75

 Course Content

  • Where is technology taking librarianship?
  • Identifying critical skills - technical, interpersonal, evaluative
  • Strategic decisions about where/when to acquire skills
  • Methods of "distributed" training available to patrons, both locally and globally
  • Organizational support for technological competency training
  • Short-range and long-range planning for staff development
Gail Junion-Metz is a librarian, author, and popular Internet trainer across the United States and Canada. She is president of the training firm, Information Age Consultants.
Maureen Sullivan is an organizational development consultant specializing in libraries. She has 17 years' experience training, developing and educating leaders in librarianship, and has consulted with libraries in the areas of organizational change, strategic planning, staff development and learning organizations.


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