Automated System Manager (posted 9-18)

Title: Automated System Manager (posted 9-18)
Name of Organization: Taylor Memorial Public Library
Location: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Hours: Full-time
Salary: Minimum $30,000.00 per year
Principal duties: The Automated System Manager is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the integrated automation system used by Taylor Memorial Public Library including hardware and peripheral equipment, software, OPLIN connection Internet access and CD-ROM network. The Automated System Manager will work in accordance with the goals and objectives established by the Taylor Memorial Public Library Board of Trustees and Director.
Qualifications/Requirements: Master's Degree in Library Science and/or degree in Computer Science or related field; excellent technical working knowledge of computers, networks, network cabling and peripheral equipment, integrated on-line system, internet, telecommunications and software applications. Strong skills in Windows and Windows NT operating systems; knowledge of UNIX for management of server; knowledge and experience implementing and maintaining a LAN; knowledge of and experience with TCP/IP protocol; knowledge and experience with maintaining a WWW site. Ability to read the printed word and computer screen; ability to resolve hardware and software problems; high level of interpersonal skills, including oral and written communication which will facilitate working effectively with library staff, patrons and vendors; familiarity with current automation standards; basic knowledge of and experience with library organization and operations; ability to communicate information for non-technical people to understand regardless of their skill levels; ability to maintain proper emotional balance in all types of situations, including emergencies; and ability to lift and move various materials and pieces of equipment.
Contact: John C. Bender, Taylor Memorial Public Library, 2015 Third Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221, e-mail: [email protected]
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