Board of Trustees
Cleveland Area Metropolitian Library System

Minutes of Meeting
Elyria Public Library - West River Branch
February 17, 1999

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 9:33 a.m. by President John Lonsak. In attendance: Art Biagianti, Carol Brown, Don Burrier, Molly Carver, Eileen Coan, Mary Crehore, John Lonsak, Donna Perdzock, and Ellen Stepanian; CAMLS Staff: Mike Snyder, Terri Pasadyn, Mary Ellen Powers, and Beth Listerman. Absent: Chris Bennett, Lisa Johnson, Patrick Scanlan, and Andrew Venable; Associate Member: Leslie Polott.

Minutes of Meeting January 20, 1999


Ayes: Biagianti, Brown, Burrier, Carver, Crehore, Lonsak, Perdzock, and Stepanian.
Nays: None.

U.S. Cargo Courier Service, Inc. Agreement

CAMLS and U.S. Cargo have reached an agreement to increase the per stop rate to $12.50 for "CAMLS-only" participating libraries and $6.25 for "shared" CAMLS-NOLA participating libraries, effective February 1, 1999 to June 30, 2000. The "reopener" language in the original contract will be eliminated. Carol Brown MOVED and Ellen Stepanian SECONDED a motion TO APPROVE THE MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT BETWEEN CAMLS AND U.S. CARGO.

Ayes: Biagianti, Brown, Burrier, Carver, Crehore, Lonsak, Perdzock, and Stepanian.
Nays: None.

The Regional Library Systems and U.S. Cargo have agreed that beginning July 1, 1999 there would be a one-month extension rollover until such time a statewide agency takes over the delivery service.

CAMLS Legislative Activities

Mike Snyder reported on the State Library Board retreat held on February 8 and 9, 1999 and summarized the meeting of the Regional Library Directors in Columbus on February 12, 1999. The State Library has asked the Regionals to come up with a plan to distribute state aid among themselves. A retreat, therefore, was planned for March 2 and 3 at Mohican Park with Mary Merrill as facilitator to develop a formula. The formula will have two parts - the Base and the Remainder. The Base for this biennium will cover the salaries and benefits for the Executive Director and Clerk-Treasurer as well as rent and utilities. After this money has been taken out, the Remainder will be divided among the Regionals for the following programs: Continuing Education - Library Development; Continuing Education - Technology Training; Technology Assistance; Multitype Library Cooperation; and Services to Underserved Areas. For the 2022-03 biennium, funds will be allocated based on a program-based only budget, and the Regionals will be required to submit one open RFP. There will be no money set aside for salaries for the Executive Director and Clerk-Treasurer. Until the statewide delivery service is in place, the Regional Library Systems will continue this service; however, participating libraries may need to pay the full cost. The State Library of Ohio does support Regional Library Systems and feels that what they do, they do well. However, Regionals will need to justify their continued existence. Due to the importance of obtaining the support of legislators, CAMLS would like to sponsor a Legislative Breakfast. It was decided that it would be held on Friday, April 16, at a centrally located library. Madeline Brookshire, CCPL, and Becky McFarland, EPL will be asked to assist CAMLS in this endeavor. Eileen Coan arrived at 9:42 a.m.

FY97/98 CAMLS Audit

The FY97/98 audit received an unqualified opinion, which is the highest opinion. The one recommendation made was to establish an audit committee, a recommendation state auditors are routinely suggesting. Mary Crehore MOVED and Ellen Stepanian SECONDED a motion TO ACCEPT THE FY97/98 CAMLS AUDIT.

Ayes: Biagianti, Brown, Burrier, Carver, Coan, Crehore, Lonsak, Perdzock, and Stepanian.
Nays: None.

Mary Ellen Powers commented that the full audit report is available for perusal in the CAMLS office. She was congratulated for the excellent audit.

January Financial Report

As of January 31, 1999, the balance on hand was $526,974. Carol Brown MOVED and Molly Carver SECONDED a motion TO APPROVE THE JANUARY FINANCIAL REPORT.

Ayes: Biagianti, Brown, Burrier, Carver, Coan, Crehore, Lonsak, Perdzock, and Stepanian.
Nays: None.


Mary Ellen Powers made the Board aware of the negative balance in Memberships (Fund 101), and a transfer will be forthcoming. Mary Crehore MOVED and Don Burrier SECONDED a motion TO APPROVE A BUDGET REVISION (FUND 220) IN SALARIES ($8,885.00 FROM ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/TECHNOLOGY TO EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR).

Ayes: Biagianti, Brown, Burrier, Carver, Coan, Crehore, Lonsak, Perdzock, and Stepanian.
Nays: None.

Revision of the CAMLS Bylaws

Mike Snyder reviewed some revisions to the CAMLS Bylaws, most of which are structural in nature. The membership assessment information will be placed on the CAMLS Website rather in the Bylaws. The Board gave preliminary approval to the recommended alterations to the CAMLS Bylaws. The revisions will be presented to the Advisory Council 30 days prior to their next meeting, and final Board approval will follow.

Committee Reports

Donna Perdzock, Chair of the Finance Committee, reported that a Membership Assessment Task Force consisting of the Finance Committee and Gorman Duffett, JCU, and Holly Carroll, WEPL, met on January 27. The meeting revolved around member concerns. CAMLS and its Board must deal with the future of CAMLS if funding is cut. Secondary budget plans and priorities should be developed based on various revenue streams, e.g. reserves, membership assessments, etc. The Membership Assessment Task Force meets again on February 22. The Planning Committee met in an open session meeting with interested parties on February 11 to discuss an LSTA grant application for proficiency testing. There was representation from libraries of various sizes and geographic location. The biggest issue was how to measure the success of the grant. Letters of Intent and supporting documents will be mailed to CAMLS public and school libraries. John Lonsak reported that a slate for four new Board positions needs to be presented at the Annual Meeting on May 26. Jean Toombs, past CAMLS Board President, John Lonsak, Molly Carver, and Eileen Coan will serve on the Nominating Committee to come up with a slate.

Continuing Education Director's Report

Terri Pasadyn reported that the Continuing Education Catalog has been distributed and thanked Elaine Terman for a good job. Twenty-five out of the 90 slots for the WinSoft workshops have already been filled. Terri is making a commitment to visit 15 libraries by July 1 to talk with directors about their continuing education needs and any other concerns. She will visit libraries with trainers first so she can determine how CAMLS might supplement the training. She will be visiting Cleveland Schools today and would like to be able to offer more to the schools. Terri has been exploring distance education. She has visited a distance education equipment provider and has registered in a Web-based MOO course, which will allow the delivery of workshops through a Web environment. The Regional Library Systems are considering writing a grant for distance education equipment so that classes to far out members can be offered. The Board commented that CAMLS might look into facilities and equipment in and around the Cleveland area, such as WVIZ, KSU, CCC, etc. for the use of distance education. Although CAMLS has excellent continuing education opportunities, the future is collaboration.

CAMLS Marketing Plan

Mike Snyder reviewed the Marketing Plan which was developed in the Fall of 1997 by Zinner & Co. The three goals of the Marketing Plan are to recruit new members, retain existing members, and raise revenue from new sources. Elaine Terman will be developing a new brochure which can be used as a marketing tool in recruiting new members. It was felt that assigning a CAMLS member to a prospective member is a good idea. To retain members the Vendor Discount Program will be enhanced. The Regional Library Systems are collaborating on an online vendor discount program that will quadruple the number of vendors who will offer real discounts. An "after hours event" to enhance collegiality was discussed.