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A Weblog of the best information we've found this month

Database-driven websites have created phenomenal opportunites for user interaction by generating content as it is requested. However, it has also made searching the web a phenomenal challenge! The links below provide information on The Invisible Web, which is the term being used for the dynamically created content that is not reachable by traditional search methods.
On September 17 and again on November 19, CAMLS will present workshops that will teach skills in reaching the information contained on the Invisible Web.

Invisible Web: What it is, Why it exists, How to find it, and Its inherent ambiguity A Tutorial from UC Berkeley

The Invisible Web. Companion site to the groundbreaking book by Chris Sherman and Gary Price. The site contains a directory of resources for accessing the Invisible Web, with preference given to those that are freely available.

E-Book Review: Not necessarily an "A" Yet
Students are complaining about e-book reading devises, according to this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education

Library-related Quotations
IFLA has asssembled a directory of quotes about Libraries and Librarians

Recent Press on the Patriot Act, including implications for Libraries: Recognition of Patriot Act Urged (Washington Post )

Booksellers, Libraries Nervous Over FBI's Secret New Snooping (

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