Five Services you may not know CAMLS offers:

1. Graphic Design for Web and print

2. Management of Contact Hours for Certification

3. Electronic mailing list hosting, e-publication design and distribution

4. Continuing Education Outreach

5. Technical Support

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In This Issue:

CE News
Our upcoming workshops feature an in-depth look at
wage and salary administration, alternative medicine on the Web, and weeding with the CREW method More>>

CAMLS Soon Will Deliver Videoconferencing
A grant-funded project has equipped Ohio's Regional Library Systems with videoconferencing capabilities. This will save our members time and travel money when it is needed most.

Take Another Look at CAMLS Program Bank
The State Library of Ohio recently donated all of its performer listings to the CAMLS Program Bank, making it an even more valuable resource for library programmers.

North Coast Neighbors Share a Book
The second community-wide book discussion led by CAMLS libraries heats up February 15.

Regular Features:

CAMLS Member News
Innovative programming at several member libraries is featured along with news about your colleagues and their libraries More>>

The most interesting, useful or provocative pages we've found on the Web this month. More>>

CAMLS Classifieds
Items for sale and free for the taking! More>>

Camls upcoming events CAMLS Spring CE Calendar

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