Internet Sites:

The Cleveland Area Metropolitan Library System
This organization received funding to develop "Access Plus: Partnerships for Proficiency." Information on the grant and links for parents to other sites for proficiency information is available.
The Ohio Public Library Information Network
This site has information for the community on all areas of library resources.
Ohio Valley Area Libraries
This Web site has information on Access Plus: Partnerships for Proficiency. It surveyed districts for resources used in proficiency testing preparation. The list of resources is listed by district.
Lakewood Public Library
This site includes the Lakewood Schools. Information is available for students and parents on proficiency testing including the learning outcomes for each grade level tested.
Cleveland Heights/University Heights School District.
This site has specific information and help for students on proficiency practice.
The Ohio Department of Education.
Information available to the public on proficiency test up-dates, present and future of legislation of proficiency testing and a list of learning outcomes .

WVIZ network
Public television broadcast company. This site has a listing of the available programs with lessons tied to specific subjects and grade levels of Ohio Proficiency Tests.
Ohio Council for the Social Studies
This site has information for parents/students who have specific interest in the citizenship area of the proficiency test.
This is a site of tests for students to take to practice their skills of test taking and knowledge of subject material. The tests have not been correlated specifically to the Ohio Proficiency Test. There is a fee charged for access to tests. You can check the site for fees, they seem to be reasonable.

Parenting Information:

Family Education is a site for general information on child rearing.

The National Education Association site goes beyond just helping teachers. This page deals with ideas for parents in helping children develop study skills.

Texas Instruments web site. Download Family Math Activities.

National Science Foundation
Students can ask Dr. Math and tackle a "Problem of the Week." This site provides K-12, college and advanced level math resources by subject.

Most popular K-12 page at the U.S. Department of Education's Web site, because of the collection of hundreds of learning resources from federal agencies. The site serves both students and teachers.
Note: 9th Grade Math Practice Proficiency Test found in this site or at direct address, allows students to take mathematic test with feedback on errors.
Helping Your Child Crack the Test found in this site or at direct address is a list of parent suggestions from the Cincinnati Public Schools

The Church of the Covenant Tutoring Program
Once in the site information is available on 9th grade proficiency preparation. The Little Book On Line is a practice test for the 9th grade Citizenship section of the Proficiency Test and can be downloaded. There is a list of software resources used by the tutors.

Resources available from the Ohio Department of Education

Free resources: You can call the Assessment Center (614-466-0223) to order the following or write to: Ohio Department of Education -#610, Assessment and Evaluation, Room 207, 65 S. Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215-4183

Proficiency Tests: Information Guides for fourth and sixth grade

Proficiency Test Fact Sheets for all five subjects for ninth and twelfth grade

A Resource Manual for Teachers of fourth and sixth grade
Booklet: Planning for Graduation
An Information Guide for the Ohio High School Graduation Qualifying Examinations (Draft)

Resources requiring payment: Prior Proficiency Tests and Answer Keys for each grade level are available by request and at payments of $.05 per page. Orders must be in writing to: Ohio Department of Education -#610, Assessment and Evaluation, Room 207, 65 S. Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215-4183. These materials may not be copied.


Math at Hand, A Mathematics Handbook ISBN: 0-669-46922-X

Math on Call, A Mathematics Handbook ISBN: 0-669-45770-1
1998 Great Education Group, Inc. Houghton Mifflin Company

Resource books on mathematics topics giving definitions, procedures, explanations, and rules.