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This is a series of workbooks on the five test areas designed around the Ohio test objectives and the Ohio competency based model curriculum. The problems in the workbooks match the Ohio Proficiency test format. All series include a diagnostic test booklet for each area. Teacher's edition available for each grade level.
Blast Off! on Ohio Proficiency for Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5
Grade 2 Reading only, published in 1998.
Grade 3 Citizenship, Writing, and Science were published in 2000 other areas published in 1998.
Grade 4 All five workbooks were published in 1996.
Grade 5 All five workbooks were published in 1998 and include a list of test objectives matched to the lesson in the workbook

Sharpen Up! on Ohio Proficiency, Grade 6
All areas were published in 1996.
Buckle Down! on the Ohio Proficiency Test, Grade 9
Reading and Writing were published in 1995
Mathematics was published in 1996
Citizenship was published in 1995 with a list of learning outcomes
Science was published in 1998 with a list of learning outcomes matched to the lesson in the workbook
Ketchup on Reading High interest, Lower-Readiability Materials
There are two workbooks (book 4 and 6) published in 1998 geared for remediation probably at 6-8 grades.
  • Library management of workbooks
  • Pay attention to publication dates when ordering


  • Covers grade levels not tested
  • Some of the newer publications have the Ohio Proficiency Outcomes or learning objectives listed at the front of the workbooks connected to a lesson/s
  • Practice Test similar to Ohio Proficiency Tests


  • Lots of reading in black and white format (little graphics)
  • Requires independent worker