Instructions for Completing the Online Update Workform

1. *Library Code: Enter the library code as it appears in the CULPH.
2. *Control Number: Enter the control number as it appear in the CULPH. If a periodical title is new to the list, leave blank; a control number will be assigned by CPL.
3. *Material Type: Please select Paper or Microform.
4. *Nature of Modification: (Please check)
a) Close Entry: Title no longer received by the library, however backfile being maintained.
b) Withdraw Holdings: Title no longer received by the library. Library code and holdings statement will be deleted from the CULPH.
c) Modify Entry: Change in holding or format.
5. Author Main Entry: Usually indicates a corporate entry.
6. *Title: Enter title as indicated in OCLC 245 field or on periodical title page.
7. *Holdings Statement: Provide volumes and dates in correct form. Indicate closed or inclomplete holdings. If the holding is being withdrawn, place a "w" in the text field.
8. Title See Reference: Provide reference from an added title to correct form of entry, if necessary.
9. Author/Title See Reference: Provide reference from a corporate entry to a title or another corporate entry, if necessary.
10. Continues: Provide cross reference to a previous title, if necessary.
11. Continued By: Provide cross reference to succeeding title, if necessary.
12. *Name, *Organization, and Date: Please provide your name, your organization's name, and the date. CAMLS staff will contact this person should any questions arise.
13. Submit