Windows NT 4.0: System Administration

Date & Time
Tue-Wed, Apr, 28-29
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
The Micro Center
Eastgate Shopping Center
1349 SOM Center Road
Mayfield Heights, Ohio
$495.00 CAMLS libraries
Deadline: Apr 21
Prerequisite: Intro to Windows 95 or Intro to Windows NT 4.0, and Essentials of Microsoft Networking or working knowledge of: using a mouse, working with menus/windows, starting an application, working with files, network basics/hardware, data transmission, network design/administration, communications issues, troubleshooting networks

Hours: 14 (2 days) During this class, you will learn the basics involved in managing a Windows NT 4.0 network.

Course Content
  • Windows NT directory services

  • Managing users and groups

  • Account administration

  • Securing and managing network resources

  • Administering and supporting network printers

  • Auditing events and resources

  • Backing up/restoring files