New Tools for Better Subject Access to Fiction
Date & Time
Thursday, May 31, 2001
9:30 AM-3:30 PM
Holiday Inn, Kent

4363 State Route 43, Kent, Ohio
$50 CAMLS Members
$50 Affiliate libraries
$100 Non-members

Register through NOLA
Deadline: Thursday, May 24, 2001
Limit: 75
We all agree that our patrons need better subject access to fiction no matter what format it arrives in. New developments now make this more cost effective than it has ever been before. Come and learn ways to maximize subject access to fiction while still encouraging the uniformity and cooperative cataloging strategies that help contain costs. Join your colleagues from CAMLS, MOLO, and NOLA for an information packed workshop
Intended Audience
All technical services staff
Benefit to Participants
  • Tour the MARC21 6XX fields and learn which kinds of headings are stored where, and how
  • Discover the basic tools you'll need to own, and which you can skip
  • Learn how to enter and use form and genre headings and sub-headings including character and setting access and sub-field $v
  • Recognize good prospects for subject enhancement and find out standard strategies for enhancing the records.
  • Provide form access to fiction in non-book forms - including motion pictures and sound recordings.
  • Discuss how to use multiple subject thesauri to satisfy differing fiction access needs.
  • Acquire sensitivity to how these records interact with your library catalog.
  • Use new skills to attain a sense of basic balance between access and uniformity in your cataloging.
  • Bring your public services staff on board so they can use the new tools you'll be providing.
Margaret Maurer is the Cataloging Manager for Kent State University Libraries and Media services. Since 1994, Margaret has served as the editor of TechKNOW, the quarterly newsletter for the members of the Ohio Library CouncilĂ­s Technical Services Division. She is a frequent workshop presenter on MARC records and Technical Services issues in an automated environment.