Support Staff Conference - DAY TWO
Date & Time
Thursday, May 10, 2001
9 AM-4 PM
None Specified
None Specified
$75 CAMLS Members
$90 Affiliate libraries
$180 Non-members

Fee includes lunch and materials

Deadline: Wednesday, May 02, 2001
Limit: 150
Choose one A.M. Session and One P.M. Session

A.M. Session, 9 a.m. – Noon
Special Agent John Kilnapp returns to expand on his very well-received lunchtime presentation on personal safety given at last year’s Support Staff Conference. He will review important precautions we all need to take regarding safety at work and in the home.

Dealing with Difficult Patrons
Most library workers encounter difficult patrons on some level every week. This workshop will focus on how to cope with difficult behavior and provide tips on staying calm and presenting a positive image in the process. You will also learn how to defuse angry and demanding patrons and what to do and say in situations tailored to the library environment. Presenter: Marti Peden

P.M. Session, 1 - 4 P.M.
Rights in the Workplace
This session will focus on workplace harassment and effective methods of prevention. The issue of liability of an organization will be discussed as well. Harassment will be clearly defined, and steps toward prevention will be presented. Promoting equity and a comfortable work environment for all segments of an organization will be examined. Presenter: Michael A. Douglas

Humor Prescription Session CLOSED
The more you develop a sense of humor, the more positive you become. Laughter is therapeutic. Just as negative emotions such as tension and stress can produce ulcers and headaches, positive emotions can relax your nerves and benefit your overall health. This workshop will demonstrate how to restore your perspective when challenged by common workplace conditions such as stress and change as well as how to maintain a more positive outlook on life. Presenter: Marti Peden

Intended Audience
Anyone who does not have an M.L.S. Degree
Marti Peden is a Human Resource Consultant who specializes in training and development, particularly in the fields of management development, team building, and conflict resolution. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Steubenville and a master's degree in counseling from Kent State University. As a training consultant, she has over 20 years’ experience working with clients in business, healthcare, and libraries.
Michael A. Douglas is the Executive Director of Diversity Initiatives, Inc. He has been helping school districts and other public and private institutions transform their work environment in response to the challenges posed by sexual harrassment and diversity legislation since 1990.