Dear Library Leadership 2000 Graduates,

Due to problems with our email, I have been unable to send the following letter with the LL 2000 survey attachment to all of you. Please consider this an invitation to participate.

We are in the midst of planning for next year's institute and would like to call upon you for some input. First, since the year 2000 is now upon us, we'd like to know your opinion on a suggested name change. Also, we'd like to solicit feedback on what your expectations are regarding the Advanced Institute now that the numbers are growing. We'd like to know how often you want to meet and what you want the format to be.

Along with these questions, we thought that the time was right to formally gather your impressions about the program in a survey. Hopefully we can gain some insight into what impact LL 2000 has had on your professional life. The information that we accumulate will be used to support the CAMLS narrative report to the State Library next year. I will also share the results with you some time in the new year.

Please fax (216-921-7220) or mail your completed survey to the CAMLS office by December 30, 1999.

Thank you for your time. This is a valuable program that needs to stay strong and innovative in building future library leaders in Ohio.

Happy Holidays!


Terri Pasadyn