CAMLS Board Committees 1996 - 1997


* = Chair of Committee
ex officio on all committees; Executive Director, Board President

Standing Committees

Board Members Email address
John Biros (SOLHS)
John Lonsak (CCPL)*
Jean Toombs (CIM)
Carol Brown (CNG)
Andy Venable (CPL)

Personnel Laura Holland (MB)*
David Jennings (ASCPL)
Jean Toombs (CIM)
Lisa Johnson (HIR)
Art Biagianti (CW-SASS)

Planning Betsey Belkin (URC)*
Gretchen Hellerberg (CCF)
Pat Scanlan (BW)
Don Burrier (ELY)
Molly Carver (BLV)
Other Committees
Bylaws Betsey Belkin *
Another member to be announced

Ethics Betsey Belkin *
Gorman Duffett

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produced 9/15/96
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