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Location: Oberlin Inn, 7 N. Main Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074

Week One: April 22 - April 27, 2001

Leadership Dilemmas: An Introduction
Effective leadership
Leadership dilemmas versus management problems
Tools for the management process

Leadership Self-discovery
Tour through leadership theory
Tools for the journey
Diagnose your own leadership style

Legal Issues in Libraries
State statutes
Library boards

Ethics and Leadership
Relationship between ethics and leadership
Feel comfortable in handling ethical dilemmas
Apply a framework for resolving these dilemmas
Develop a plan to reinforce ethical practices in your library

Strategic Positioning: Politics, Lobbying, Advocacy
Implementing the strategic plan
Key questions for positioning
Positioning organizational programs
Succeeding in an increasingly competitive environment

Planning for and Managing Change
Models of organizational change
Benefits and barriers to change
Strategies for managing transition
Action plan for leading a change effort

Strategic Management Dilemmas

Week Two: October 28 - November 2, 2001

Resource Management: Fiscal, Space, Materials
Importance of planning
Connecting the library's mission, purpose, goals to measurable results
Fiscal and collection management
Physical plant: space planning and the psychology of space

Resource Management: Personnel
Application issues
Macro/Mission based human resource management
Tacit knowledge
Developing others
Motivation and relational leadership
Personnel assessment

Resolving Conflict/Negotiating Well
Looking at conflict as inevitable and as a potentially constructive force
Managing with fights vs. fighting managers
The use of principled negotiations in contributing organizational relationships
Leadership's problems in effectively negotiating employee issues
Developing the organization's negotiating capacity

Communication Management: Internal and external
Identify formal and informal systems in place
Communicating with staff
Board/Director communication
Marketing versus public relations
Crisis communication and the media

Conclusion: Strategic Management Dilemmas Case Studies

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