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CAMLS Web-based Program Bank

CAMLS Program Bank was set up in 1997 by the CAMLS Public Relations committee. Since then, The much-needed resource has been used to ease the pain that library programmers experience with last minute speaker cancellations, or any time a speaker or entertainer was needed and the rolodex just didn't cooperate.

In January, The State Library of Ohio took down their Web-based programmers directory and gave CAMLS access to all of their listings. With the addition of the SLO listings, CAMLS Program Bank now contains nearly 200 presenters. The database is divided into 14 categories and lists entertainers and speakers along with their fees, the appropriate age groups for their presentation, contact information, and any other helpful notes about the speaker and their program.

The strength of the Bank depends on sharing among our members, and we welcome your submissions.To add a presenter you've had at your library, download the "Add a presenter" form, get the presenter's signature, and send the form to the CAMLS office.