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Congratulations to Mary J. Arnold, Manager, Regional Teen Services for the Cuyahoga County Public Library for her recent election to ALA Council. She was one of thirty-three members elected to Council for a three-year term. Former Medina County District Library Director Barbara Webb was also elected to ALA Council.

Other members of ALA Council from the CAMLS area include:
Sue Berlin, Hawken School
Jennifer Jung Gallant, EMH Medical Center Library
Vivian Melton, formerly of the Cleveland Municipal School District
Greg Reese, East Cleveland Public Library
Andy Venable, Cleveland Public Library

The Beachwood High School Media Center was recently among the recipients of the 2002 Innovative School Library Practices Award for its Cuyahoga Library Club. The award is presented by the Leadership for School Libraries, which comprises the Ohio Department of Education, The Ohio Educational Library Media Association, the Information Network for Ohio Schools, and the State Library of Ohio.

Shaker Heights Public Library has been awarded an L. PeRCy Award from the Library Public Relations Council in the Materials/Booklist category for its annotated booklist on anime and manga, the Japanese art form popular with young adults.

The L. PeRCy Awards are given annually by the Library Public Relations Council in recognition of outstanding print public relations materials from libraries in the United States and abroad. The award was presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia this June.

After 34 years of service at the Cuyahoga Community College, Bill Beuther will retire on July 30, 2002. Bill is the Library Director of the Western Campus Learning Resources Center and a former member of the CAMLS Board of Trustees.

Cuyahoga County Public Library and the Cleveland Indians formed a partnership early in 2002 which resulted in a series of essay contests. The essay series was titled “The Write Season and consisted of three contests. The Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo and Media for a Day contests encouraged middle and high school students to learn more about baseball and describe what it meant to them.

The Black History Month essay contest asked students of Cuyahoga County, in grades 6 through 12, to write a three-page essay about an African-American who played in the Negro Leagues and the impact his career had in baseball. There was a total of six winners and three honorable mentions.

The Cinco de Mayo contest was also designed for students in Cuyahoga County in grades 6 through 12. They were asked to write a three-page essay about a Latin who played, or plays, Major League Baseball and the impact his career had in professional baseball. There were seven winners and six honorable mentions.

The last contest was Media for a Day and was designed for Cuyahoga County students in grades 9 through 12. They were asked to write a three-page essay about one of three areas of the media Sports Writer, Photographer, or TV Announcer. There were two winners each for the Writer and Photographer categories and one for the TV Announcer for a total of five winners.

All of the winners and honorable mentions were recognized at a Cleveland Indians pregame. The grand prize winner received a Cleveland Indians jersey imprinted with their name, compliments of Major League Baseball. The Cleveland Indians provided all first place winners with four complimentary tickets to the game. A gift card to Borders, Books and Music was presented to all winners by Cuyahoga County Public Library.

Both the Cuyahoga County Public Library and the Cleveland Indians look forward to repeating the essay series next season.

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