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A Special Offer for Our Members
We've all felt the effects of the down economy, and we've all had to give up something of value. At CAMLS, we realize that our offerings, while still one of the greatest values around, can be out of reach for overstretched budgets this fall.

So to give more of your front-line staff the training they need to provide the best service to your library customers, we've reduced the cost of one of our most popular annual workshops,
The Reference Update, by nearly half. Instead of $65, CAMLS members can send staff for just $35 a person (fee includes lunch). More>>

Manage ALL Your CE at My CAMLS
It's Here! Let MY CAMLS organize your training opportunities and keep track of all your contact hours for certification, even the classes that you've taken with other CE providers. More>>

Upcoming CAMLS events
CE offerings and committee programs More>>

Member News
The latest from your CAMLS colleagues

Emotional intelligence author Goleman talks about Business Intelligence
Daniel Goleman's theory that emotional intelligence should be weighed as a factor in workplace success has gained many followers in the past decade. In this recent eMarketer interview, he discusses EI along with the latest area of intelligence being looked at, business intelligence.

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