Mission Membership Strategic Plan Governance Staff

GOAL 1: CONTINUING EDUCATION - Develop continuing education core offerings that respond to member needs and create innovative programs that respond to new trends and developments.


    Utilize formal and informal needs assessment of member libraries to determine prospective topivs for future workshops and programs.

    Work with CAMLS committees to develop future workshop topics.

    Develop a management training series. ***

    Investigate using distance education as a means of delivering programs and workshops to member libraries. ***

    Explore online educational opportunities.

    Investigate relationships with other computer training agencies and businesses to enhance the CAMLS training program.

    Develop a library-based staff development consulting service for member libraries.

    Utilize post-workshop assessments to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of CAMLS workshops and programs.

    *** New program or service objective

GOAL 2:RESOURCE SHARING - Develop programs that enable member libraries to share their resources.


    Initiate a pilot project to stimulate the interloan of audio-visual materials among member libraries. ***

    Cooperate with the State Library of Ohio and the Regional Library Systems to expand statewide resource sharing/delivery.

    Convert the CAMLS Union List of Periodical Holdings to a web-based product. ***

    Review/revise the policies and procedures of the Resource Sharing Initiatives.



    *** New program or service objective


GOAL 3: MARKET ING - Market the benefits of CAMLS membership to member and nonmenber libraries.



    Develop the CAMLS web site as a publicity tool.

    Revitalize and improve the CAMLS-List.

    Coordinate a major public relations promotion for the benefit of member libraries.

    Develop a web-based database clearing-house of consultants and professional resource persons. ***

    Develop a CAMLS brochure for recruiting prospective member libraries. ***


    *** New program or service objective


GOAL D: FUNDING - Create a sound financial structure for CAMLS.



    Develop budgets for services and programs that are based on equitable fees and assessments.

    Cooperate with the State Library of Ohio, the Ohio Library Council, and Regional Library Systems to support legislative initiatives on behalf of CAMLS and member libraries.

    Develop an LSTA grant application for special cooperative projects.

    Seek funding from foundation and corporate sponsors for special cooperative projects or for programs/services of an ongoing nature.

    Outsource services and activities when it is financially advantageous and efficient.

    Adopt new fiscal policies when appropriate.

    Develop and implement an equipment replacement plan for the Electronic Classroom.


Approved by CAMLS Board, March 15, 2000.