Monday, September 20, 2004 11:49:23 AM

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Ride with us to OLC
Jeff French Named Director of WEPL
Library Leadership Ohio Class of 2004
Holly Carroll Named Deputy Director of CPL
CSU Offers Discount to CAMLS Members
9/21/04 Go FISH! The Importance of Fun, the Power of Culture -- Register Now
9/22/04 FrontPage 2000 Basic -- Register Now
9/23/04 Library Skills Development Series - Capstone Session
10/5/04 Community Outreach Learning Group -- Register Now
10/7/04 Ethical Leadership -- Register Now
10/8/04 Public Relations Retreat -- Register Now
10/12/04 Microsoft Excel - Basic -- Register Now
10/13/04 Self-Service @ OPLIN: Support Information You Can Use -- Register Now
10/14/04 Readers Advisory Learning Group -- Register Now
10/19/04 FrontPage 2000 Advanced -- Register Now

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