CAMLS Management Education Series - Skills Track Presenters

In 1983, the Baltimore County Library began using Becky Schreiber's skills in human relations to assist their staff in time management, coping with difficult people, and managing differences. Since that time, Becky has establsihed herself as a consultant who understands the needs of libraries and has the experience to work effectively within those systems. She is known for thorough preparation, dynamic presentation, and responsiveness to her clients. Becky holds a Master of Education in Counseling from the American University.

John Shannon began his career as a consultant to the Juvenile Justice System in 1973. It was there he began learning the craft of organizational development consulting by training counselors and managers, and by facilitating change processes designed to make systems more efficient and helpful. Since that beginning, he has provided consultant services to organizations in business, service industries and government. John holds a Master of Science in Applied Behavioral Sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

Schrieber and Shannon have facilitated the successful Library Leadership Ohio Institute since 1993.

Kenneth J. Kovach is a consultant, educator, and facilitator working in human resource development and organization management. Along with a private practice, he is managing partner for Creative Stages, Ltd., a company applying new science for peak performance and focusing on change management. He has served a variety of clients in the business, nonprofit, and government sectors including OLC and OPLIN. He is the former drector of Executive Education at the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations of Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Kovach received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Case Western Reserve University.

A consultant and trainer, Sandra Nelson has been presenting library-training programs since 1974. She has presented programs in 20 states for all types of libraries on topics ranging from long-range planning and collection development to stress management and change. She chaired the committee that developed the new Public Library Association (PLA) planning process, Planning for Results: A Library Transformation Process, and is co-author of the PLA publication, Planning for Technology. She is the former state librarian and archivist for planning and development of the state of Tennessee.

Richard Rubin is the Interim Director of School of Library Information Science at Kent State University. He joined the university in 1988. His research interests include human resource management, library administration, intellectual freedom and censorship. He has written numerous publications including Foundations of Library and Information Science published in 1998. Dr. Rubin graduated from Oberlin College, received his Master of Library Science from Kent State University and his doctorate from the University of Illinois.

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