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Slaves and the Courts 1740-1860
The Law Library of Congress has established a digital archive of over 100 books and pamphlets dealing with slavery in the American colonies and United States.

Learning News:

Spring housecleaning for your brain: Molecular "brooms" that whisk away excess amounts of the chemical glutamate in the brain may play a key role in learning and memory formation, suggest recent animal studies by scientists at the University of Houston. During memory formation, the process allows for "clean" transmission between neurons.

If you feel like your brain's cleaning crew needs some backup, try the memory-enhancement techniques suggested at these sites:

Mind Tools
Contains many practical strategies for improving memory

The Memory Key
This site is devoted to informing people about how memory works and how to improve it, and includes links to academic research news and articles as well as popular literature on memory improvement.

Online Training:

Current Awareness Services on the Net
Through the University of Toronto
April 22 - June 3, 2022

The Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
is back on line after nearly a year's absence.

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