For Librarians:
Preparing for Parent Sessions
Promoting the Program
For Students:
Taking the Test
For Parents:
Self-esteem Issues
Test Anxiety Issues
What Would You do if Your Child Did Poorly
in School?

 Preparing for Parent Sessions
 The grant states that staff at participating school media centers and public libraries will conduct a minimum of three special programs for student patrons and their parents/guardians to increase public awareness of the school proficiency test resources.

What should/could be included in the parent session?

  • Proficiency testing background
  • Show examples of proficiency tests for respective grade level
  • Share information on district report card
  • Demonstrate appropriate software and review other resources
  • Select and discuss appropriate handouts on how parents can help prepare students
  • Acquaint parents with Internet resources
  • Conditions of the grant for you to do:
    1) Have parents complete evaluation form
    2) Keep track of the number of parents and/or students in attendance and the dates of the sessions
 Promoting the Program
 Speak to the strengths of this program in connecting the resources of the library to the needs of the schools
  • Announce the program in your own library publication
  • Contact your school personnel and become proactive in school programs dealing with proficiency test
  • Use the logo whenever referring to Partnerships for Proficiency Testing
  • Display flyers throughout the library and your community
  • Invite students and parents whenever the opportunity presents itself
  • Build relationships and partnerships with other organizations for support of this program. Example: Friends of the Library could volunteer to work with students on software